Developing Digital Skills Workshop

17 March 2019 – London, UK

Digital literacy (digital tool knowledge + critical thinking) is an important set of skills for research. Acquiring it involves mastering several core competencies including, but not limited to:

Internet searching, hypertextual navigation and content evaluation

using information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources

using the Internet as a publishing medium

The workshop will help you develop digital literacy skills and competencies and will encourage critical reflection on how these skills and competencies are applied. It will advance your knowledge on the digital tools available in your field of research and how to use them effectively and appropriately.

The workshop will be divided into three sessions with breaks for tea, coffee and snacks. All the participants will receive certificates.

In order to book a place, please fill in the Workshop booking form and send it by 1o February 2019 to you receive a confirmation of booking, please register on

Registration fee – 45 GBP

Venue: London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research