About Us

At LCIR, we are driven by the passion for research and knowledge sharing. We believe that in order to solve the grand challenges facing society, scholars must work together. But research that transcends conventional academic boundaries is harder to fund, do, review and publish, and those who attempt it struggle for recognition and advancement. That is the reason why LCIR exists! We believe that interdisciplinary research matters, and therefore, we aim to bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines to cooperate and network, and this way facilitate interdisciplinary research!

Despite being based in London, our activities have an international dimension thanks to the numerous partnerships and cooperative arrangements with universities and independent scholars from abroad. We are proud that more than 2000 scholars, PhD students and Master graduates from over 70 countries have joined our events.

Our conferences give participants the chance to share their findings with other researchers whilst they enjoy discovering the amazing British cities of London, Oxford and Cambridge and presenting their work at renowned insitutions such as University of London, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

However, we do not only deliver our events in the UK. We are also present in other countries around the world such as Greece, Malta, Italy and Spain, Portugal, and we are planning to continue expanding and take our interdisciplinary research events wherever you are to make them accessible to everyone.

We offer a wide range of exciting activities. These include international academic conferences, symposia, workshops, short courses, summer and winter schools, online courses, online conferences, developing research projects with colleagues from the UK and from abroad. Alongside these activities, we intermittently offer a few publication projects per year.

Our goal is to help researchers meet, share and present their work in an informal and friendly environment. We aspire to create a platform for new research networking and collaboration among scholars by bringing them together from different fields of study and different parts of the world. We hope to be a platform where researchers not only have the opportunity to share their knowledge, but where they also feel inspired as they learn from others.

In addition, we offer participants the possibility to gain new experience by inviting them to chair conference sessions, which can enhance their professional skills. We accredit their participation and their chairing role with formal certificates.

We welcome participants at various stages of their career including postgraduate students, early career researchers, independent scholars and members of academic staff interested in further developing their research and thriving professionally.

By promoting an interdisciplinary research culture, critical thinking and simultaneously allowing researchers to network with people from different backgrounds and cultures, we truly believe that our events provide a unique enriching professional and personal experience to all of those who take part in them.